Our Story

From the ancient times onwards the Asparagus eventually conquered the world making a big impact on everyone who came in contact with its natural potency, overall usabilty and healing powers. Our story begins with extraordinary knowledge of nourishment, specific growing techniques and carefully designed storage facilities to achive the maximum biologial value of our products in a 100% natural way. Our team of devoted employees »armed« with strict guidance from our »master grower« has enabled us to give you the best of the best available on the Asparagus market today. With more than a decade of careful planning to fully preserve the Istrian heritage of growing the supreme Asparagus plant on soil and in such an environment that is perfectly suitable for high quality Asparagus, we made our commitment to give the world our products that would uphold to the expectations for superiority and also made us proud considering all the effort to achieve uncompromising results with some help from mother nature and decades of experience. The motto that we live by: »Only the best is good enough«.