Buckwheat Penne with Wild Asparagus

Buckwheat Penne with Wild Asparagus

The Wild Asparagus is a real treat during springtime. With the help of our Wild Asparagus Spice you can make your own delicious meal even in the winter months. Preparing great dishes is much easier and faster compared to picking the Wild Asparagus.

Ingredients (for 1 person)

– Salt and water for cooking

– 100g of Buckwheat pasta (Penne)

– 100g of fresh Wild Asparagus

– 50g of processed cheese (2 tablespoons)

– 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil or Wild Asparagus Olive Oil (for a complete flavour)

– Freshly chopped Parsley to sprinkle

Chicken fillet as a side dish

– 150g to 200g Chicken breast steak

– A twig of fresh Rosemary

– Fresh Parsley’s stem

– 3 tablespoons of Sesame oil

– Salt and pepper as you wish

The amount of ingredients is for 1 person, preparation time: 30 minutes.


– Wash and clean 100g of Wild Asparagus, cut the wooden part off and slice them through the middle.

– Place 100g of Buckwheat Penne in salted boiling water. After a few minutes add the top parts of the Wild Asparagus that have been cleaned off. Before you finish cooking add some more Wild Asparagus tips, that need to be cooked only for a few minutes. While the Penne and Asparagus are boiling place a pan with 3 tablespoons of Sesame oil and heat it up, add a fresh twig of Rosemary and a large Parsley stem, then fry it all together to achieve an incredible aroma.

– Add the Chicken fillet on to the flavoured oil and season it with salt and pepper.

– Fry it quickly for a golden yellow burn and turn it on the other side. Add some more salt on the other side if you wish and fry it until it has a golden yellow colour. Now place the lid on.

– Drain the cooked Penne with Wild Asparagus and shake them back in to the pot where they were boiling. Add 50g of processed cheese and 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil. Gently stirr and the meal is prepared!

– Serve on a bigger plate and offer immediatly. To make the meal more balanced add a fresh spring salad, which will nicely soften the toughness of the Wild Asparagus. It goes down well with a glass of red Coastal wine.

Smart Advice

To make it look even better just add a nice Asparagus top on the plate, some chopped Parsley, a pinch of finely ground Wild Asparagus Spice and a few drops of Wild Asparagus Olive Oil, for an incredible and full taste.

About the nutritional value and ingredients

This type of dish is nutritionally well-balanced since it contains a favourable ratio of macro nutrients, enough dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins necessary for digesting the meal itself. Despite the fact that Buckwheat Penne and Chicken breast steak have an acidic effect on our metabolism, the addition of Wild Asparagus, fresh herbs and salad help balance the effect.

The meal has a low glycemic index and is suitable for diabetics or anybody who wants to eat well and stay healthy while maintaining the correct body weight. Wild Asparagus has a low calorie value due to it’s composition (22 to 25 kcal per 100g) and has a high Asparagin content, a natural spring body cleaner.

Vitamin B is also present in Wild Asparagus’s which plays an important role in balancing blood sugar levels because of its levels of Purin (which turns into Uric acid), however it’s not suitable for people with Gout or Kidney diseases. The Wild Asparagus has a lot of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Copper, Zinc and Manganese, loads of Vitamin C, Provitamin A, traces of Vitamin E, K, and many other antioxidants.

Bon Appetit!

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