God Save The Tea Blog

God Save The Tea Blog


Tea type: Herbal Tea
Brand: Wild Asparagus Tea
How to prepare it: 4 minutes, 80°C (175°F)

Dry scent

It’s a very strange scent, really far from any other tea/herbal tea that I have ever tasted. It’s extremely strong, prickly: in one word? Wild. It remembers a little bit the normal asparagus in the end, with huge herbal and salty notes, which recall to an umami flavour.

Liquid’s colour

Extremely light yellow, with an hint of green.

Liquid’s scent

Less intense than before, but really consistent. The strong umami note now disappears, while a kind of sweet scent arises within the asparagus flavour.


Definitely strange: it’s something out of the ordinary. At the beginning it’s really light, but after a while it opens both on sweet and salty notes; it’s a sort of umami taste. The asparagus’ flavour is presents, but there is also something different; something of prickly and wild. It leaves a persisten umami aftertaste with strong herbal hints.


It’s not the usual tea or herbal tea: it’s something which play on a different league. It has a trully particular taste, quite difficult to describes. There aren’t half-measures: or you love it or you hate it. If you’re looking for something extremely different than the usual, give a try to this infusion.

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