Clean Your Body with Wild Foods

Clean Your Body

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Wake up your body.

Just like nature wakes up in springtime so does the body. During the tiresome “winter sleeping” period our body accumulates a lot of waste materials. As nature starts blooming new leaves it also has the need to clean itself. Loads of toxins and the acidity of the body can cause tiredness, lethargy or anemia. All of these symptoms are the result of too much processed, dead food, not enough fresh nutrients and a lack of movement in fresh air. This feeling is also partly associated due to less sunshine and therefore a smaller serotonin production, as well as increased levels of melatonin.

What can I do to get rid of spring fatigue?

First reach for goods that are offered by themselves and don’t cost anything. Go out in the sunshine, breathe some fresh air and be physically active every day. Staying in a good physical condition can help you feel better more than you think. Drinking enough water will increase your blood flow, clean your body and help eliminate accumulated toxins.

Physical activity + Food = Guaranteed success!

It will not help much if it’s not supported by a balanced diet, that nature offers us in spring. The food that was on the menu during the winter time was cooked in procesed, dead food so to speak. Many times it is too greasy and has a high glycemic index and contains significantly fewer minerals and vitamins for our body to function smoothly. Such food takes our energy away and exhausts our energy supplies in the long run.

Reach for the Wild.

Pick as many wild growing edible vegetables, go into the nature, breathe, be active and bring a basket of freash health to your home. Wild food has a high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll – a great body purifier. Plants such as Asparagus, Regate, Pomegranate, Ivy Bitter and Wild Hops are excellent both fresh or cooked and you can prepare a variety of tasty dishes from them.

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